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*Latest version, which will include the recently launched Japan Equity Sustainable Dividend UCITS Fund, is currently being finalised, and will be updated shortly.


The Japan Equity Sustainable Dividend strategy seeks to achieve mid-to-long term capital appreciation through investing primarily in equities or equities-related securities issued by Japanese companies. This product is strongly focused on sustainable dividend and utilises both quantitative valuation and qualitative analysis to create a portfolio that is actively managed with controlled risk. The strategy focuses on the sustainability and growth of dividends and reaps value from the Japanese equity market through investing in stocks with sustainable dividend pay outs and low risk of dividend cuts.

Strategy Awards

The strategy has been ranked in the top position two years in row for the Japanese Equity – All Cap (YEN) by CAMRADATA’s IQ Scores as at 31 December 2019 and 2018.

How to Invest

Contact Details For Application Form, Click HereBrown Brothers Harriman (Luxembourg S.C.A)
For Additional Product Information, Click HereDaiwa SB Investments (UK) Ltd.

Fund Prices

Please click here for a full list of updated prices for all relevant Japan Equity Sustainable Dividend share classes.

For further information regarding our NAV, please contact DSBI (UK) Client Services.








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