Viewpoints (Japan)

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Japan Equity Fundamental Active Group

The PM’s Insight reports are produced by Fundamental Active Group Leader Masashi Kamohara. The group is part of the Tokyo based Equity Management Department responsible for our Japanese Equity strategies. Mr Kamohara and his team of portfolio managers dedicate 100% of their time to the Japan Equity Fundamental Active strategy. Our Japan Equity UCITS fund is managed by the Fundamental Active Group.

This product is Core in style, investing in both value and earnings momentum growth stocks.

Japan Equity Value + Alpha Group

The PM’s Perspectives commentaries are written by Takuya Kamiishi, Portfolio Manager for the V+A Group.  The group is part of the Tokyo based Equity Management Department responsible for our Japanese Equity strategies. In addition to V+A, the Senior Portfolio Managers within the Group also have responsibility for the management of the Japan Equity Mid-Small Cap GARP and Small Cap GARP strategies.

The investment philosophy for the V+A strategy is derived from our belief that value investing with emphasis on ROE should outperform over the overall market in Japan.

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