Daiwa SB Investments is one of the largest domestic investment management companies with a significant presence in Japan. We began managing overseas pension accounts in 1976, and have continued to expand operations globally since then. We have been serving US, European and Asian customers with Japanese and Asian equity products for the last 25 years.

June 1973 Established Daiwa International Capital Management Co., Ltd. (DICAM), the predecessor of Daiwa SB Investments Ltd.
Dec 1976 Established management services for overseas pension funds.
Jan 1981 Began management services of oil-related funds for Government Agencies in the Middle East. Established DICAM (USA) in New York.
Jul 1983 Established DICAM (UK) in London.
Apr 1985 Established DICAM (Singapore) in Singapore.
Oct 1985 Established Sumigin Bankers Investment Management Co., Ltd. (SBIM).
(In Nov. 1990, the name was changed to SB Investment Management Co., Ltd.)
Oct 1986 Began management of Japanese public pension funds.
Feb 1988 Established DICAM (HK) in Hong Kong.
Apr 1990 Started management of employees’ pension funds.
Sep 1993 Established SBIM Investment Trust Management Co., Ltd.
Oct 1996 Began management of national pension funds.
Jan 1998 Began management of tax-qualified retirement pension funds.
Apr 1999 DICAM, SBIM and SBIM Investment Trust merged to form Daiwa SB Investments Ltd.
Sep 2001 Began management of defined contribution pension products.
Feb 2009 Established Representative Office in Shanghai, China.
Sep 2012 Became a signatory of the UN PRI.
Oct 2013 Established Osaka Branch.